Thursday, March 15, 2012

Acupuncture Works

My friend, Pastor Butch, is a picture of contentment and confidence whenever he talks about his experience in acupuncture. For quite sometime, he has been having bouts of hypertension due to his high cholesterol level and weight gain. He sees his doctor but ends up not buying the prescribed medicine due to its costs.

One day, he discovered a doctor doing acupuncture treatment through a fellow pastor who have been benefited by his treatment of various sickness including hypertension. That's when I got to know more about this ancient Chinese practice of dealing with sickness which is now popular in our country.

Now comes this wellness offer using this Acupuncture Treatment. At the WELLNESS SANCTUARY you can experience both relaxation and treatment. Their 60 minute acupuncture treatment is the insertion of the sterile needles into certain points in the body for stimulation and balancing of qi.

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