Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hilot, The Filipino Traditional Massage

I still remember how my relatives in Nueva Ecija, my mother's province, used to do "hilot" on me whenever I have fever or any problem with muscles and body aches.
Hilot is the ancient Filipino healing method practiced for thousands of years. Hilot refers to both the technique and the practitioner. Characterized by slo
w deliberate strokes and removal of blockages or lamig (coldness). Banana leaves and virgin coconut oil are key elements in this treatment. Highly recommended for individuals with upper back aches and stress-related pains and anxiety. Hilot can be supplemented with Bentosa or placement of suctioning cups.

I found this Spa shop that exactly does Hilot. Mont Albo Massage Hut located right in the heart of the University of the Philippines at the University Hotel to be precise. They are good and will give you the massage you need.

Enjoy their massage and scrub therapies: 
  • Express Massage (15 min) - P55 (how about that!)
  • Mont Albo Massage (1 hour) - P330 
  • Hilot (Tranditional Filipino Massage, 1 hour) - P380
  • Thai-Shiatsu Massage (1 hour) - P380
  • Tui Na Massage (1 hour) - P380
  • Swedish Massage (1 hour) - P380 
  • Eastern Foot Massage (1 hour) - P380
Body Scrub Therapies with 1 hour massage:
  • Coffee Energizing Scrub - P650
  • Organic Whitening Scrub - P750
  • Butter Glitter Scrub - P850

Get yourself a real treat. Call them up at 928-3348 for reservation.

Your great Spa deal informer,


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