Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Is Good Ambiance Needed In A Spa?

In this article, I would like to feature the ambiance of a Spa shop. The first encounter anybody will have in going to any spa shop is the ambiance of the spa, the soothing fragrance and the attendant specially the shop receptionist. It will spell the difference between the amateurs and the professionals.

If you are visiting the Philippines, you'll enjoy our beautiful and excellent spa shops, many of which are located within the Metro Manila area.

Here's one that is worth going to: The Ahavia Spa, located in the city of San Juan. I would like to feature their very good ambiance and shop features in addition to the massage services they offer.

Excellent frontage and lots of parking space, a must.
What about their massage furnitures? Let's see...

The bed is crucial to a relaxing massage. Specially the head rest.
Very cool and spacious area for foot massage.
More rooms for receiving a relaxing & therapeutic massage
Well, what can I say. If this is the ambiance of the spa shop, I'll definitely go for it. But, here's what also special about Ahavia Spa, their Rejuvenating Spa Package of a 2-hour Full body Scrub + Mask + Massage (choice of anti-aging/slimming/whitening) and prices starts at P599.00.

You can get a bigger discount through Groupon. They have offered their services at a much lower price to give you your much needed relaxing massage at a very low, highly discounted price starting at P599.00.

So there you are friends. Book for your appointment now.

Your spa deal spotter,

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