Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pampered Body Massage

How would you like to be pampered? If you ask me, I prefer to be pampered, specially in things that pertains to my body.
coupon from Pamper Me Spa Metro Manila
At PAMPER ME SPA, the word is taken seriously. What I like is the PLUS that they give for every choice of massage, the FOOT REFLEX. Me, I really love that extra service. It soothes my foot muscles and the reflex relaxes my body and calms my emotion. I love it!

So what are you waiting for? Try being pampered at PAMPER ME SPA.  
It's a pampering haven that uses the best brands that are safe and of exceptional quality.They are at par with the best wellness center in the country at a more affordable price.
Be pampered now,


Pamper Me Spa

34 C. Benitez Street corner Mariposa Loop 
Quezon City 1109
Pamper Me Spa, Quezon City, 1109, 34 C. Benitez Street corner Mariposa Loop 

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  1. What are massage therapist's duties in a medical office/physical therapist clinic?

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